Aplomado Breeding program

Through the years I have selected my favorite birds for breeding stock.

Breeding from the heart


Male aplomado

Dual social aplomados, most likely falconers that specialize in agriculture bird abatement love these birds.
Very calm, gamey, tame hacked in orchards the summer they were born and spent their winter time in a chamber with siblings to finish their development.
They come out of the chamber like a parent raised bird, the difference is that as soon weight is dropped, the falcons mellow down quickly (no needing of going through the taming process and on top of that they remember everything they learned while in tame hack phase).

If you are looking for a good aplomado for starting your career as an abatement falconer, these birds are a great choice. Get your captive "Soar" hawk and see the difference.
These birds are not available until April of each year. (check for availability)



We currently hold 4 unrelated pair of aplomado falcons, we specifically choose each pair for breeding based on their performance and health history. This is to ensure we are breeding desirable and efficient birds.


Dual social tame hack Aplomado falcons

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Aplomado falcons

Aplomado falcons

Aplomado falcons

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